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exposé anglais introduction to the Consumer Society

Publié le 08/04/2024

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« D : Introduction to the Consumer Society The consumer society refers to a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. It is characterized by mass production, advertising, and materialism, impacting our lifestyles and values. C : Google's scale • • • • • • Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google in 1996.

It quickly gained popularity and remains the top search engine with a 91% market share as of January 2024. Google's browser, Chrome, also has the leading position with over 64% market share in 2024. In 2023, Google generated $307 billion in revenue and $73 billion in profits. The company currently has 182,502 employees. Google processes 8.6 billion search queries per day, nearly 100,000 per seconds Google offers more than 70 services and different applications specializing in different fields. D: The Benefits of Google for Consumers Google has revolutionized the way we search for information, navigate our world, and communicate with one another.

With tools like Google Search, Maps, Translate, Drive, Photos, and Assistant, consumers have access to a wealth of useful features and services that make our lives easier and more convenient.

From finding the nearest coffee shop to translating a foreign language, Google has become an indispensable part of our daily routines. Google contributes to economic growth by creating job opportunities across various industries, fostering financial stability and prosperity. Finally, consumer demand drives innovation, leading to groundbreaking developments and advancements in technology that enhance our daily lives. C: Cons of Google for the consumer society Google is a technology giant that represents the development of contemporary capitalism.

Consumption plays an increasingly central role.... »


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