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The Body de Stephen King. L'amitié.

Publié le 22/02/2012

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Nowadays, Stephen King is on of the most famous author in the entire world. The biggest part of his books have been adapted in movies as Shining or Carrie. Even if, he's known as a writer of horrors, of terrors, in The Body it's another kind of reading that we discover. Here, we see the adventure of four boys of twelve, who are looking for a dead body which is lost in the forest. He denounces here violence of daily life which children have to face. But, in his book which has been adapted as a movie called Stand By Me we can also see true moments of friendship. It's the subject I choose. On the first part, I'll talk about the the different aspect of friendships that we can see in the book. And then I'll talk of the use of the speak in friendship. Our four boys make a team. In fact, Teddy, Vern, Chris & Gordie use to hang together before the beginning of the story, they know each other because they go in the same school. They also shared the same hobbies together, they go to the Tree House, a secret place where they use to meet. In the movie we can see that to come in the Tree House they have to do a secret code which binds them to each other. There they smoke cigarettes together, they play cards, they also read girls magazine & listen to the radio. But more than that, in this book we can see that they share big moments together. We can see that they protect Teddy when Milo insults his father of being a crazy man who lose his head. They're taking the side of their friend. They also share an adventure, it's the first time that they leave Castle Rock, their birth place. It's also the first time that they see a dead body. But on the other side, we face a different form of friendship, in the book, there is the gang of bad boys of Ace Merrill who are sharing secrets. In fact, we can see at the beginning when Vern is hidden below the porch and that he's listening to Billy's conversation with Charlie that they decide to keep their body's discovered for us, that they won't tell anyone else because they stole a car and that could have bad consequences on them. But, after that we see that both of them haven't succeed to keep their secret for themselves. As for me, here the word “friendship” is not really appropriate, but unfortunately I think it's a kind of “friendship” that it exists a lot. In this book, all along the adventure, they share moment together, but they also share secrets. The first of all is the secret of the body of Ray Brower. But then, we can take the example of the the time where they are around a firecamp and that they're talking about their nightmares. As for me, I don't think that it's easy for a kid, even less for a boy to confess about what they're afraid of. It's like to reveal who we really are, to share a part of our soul, and sometimes to seem ridiculous. So when they talk about their nightmares, like Gordie tells that sometimes he's afraid of the monster which is under his bed, for me it's a real proof of friendship which pass by the use of the speak. Another moment where we can see this use, is in the chapter 13, when Gordie & Chris are walking together. Gordie believes in Chris's innocence about the story of the milk money which disappeared at school and that Chris was accused of stealing. But Chris admits that he stole the money and he tells to Gordie the whole story. But Gordie's & Chris's friendship have a real friendship which continued through the story since the beginning to the end. We can see that Chris tells Gordie that he knows that his parents don't care about him. He tells him that even if there is a rule between boys which forbid them to say a bad word about parents but because he wants the best for Gordie it dares to say the truth even if it can hurts him. At the end, when the gang of Ace want to leave with the body, Chris takes his father's gun to prevent them from taking the body. Whereas Teddy & Vern are running away leaving Chris & Gordie alone, Gordie stands by side of Chris. They're protecting each other and they don't need to speak for that. We also can see that their friendship is the only one that will last because they'll stay together and do the same studies. There is different forms of friendships in this book. The first is the one we all know, share some adventures, some “first times” with friends like boys are doing when they leave Castle Rock for the first time to find the body of Ray. There is also the negative aspect of friendship that we can see with the example of the members of Ace's gang, they are not able to keep a secret for themselves. And as for me, friendship is based on trust. But thanks to the example of the friendship of Gordie & Chris, we can see what a real friendship looks like, in fact it's like if Chris is reading in Gordie's mind. We also can see that the movie is focussed on friendship, first because of the choice of the movie's name which is “Stand By Me” and then because on the first scene we can see the Gordie adult who is crying in his car the death of his lifelong friend Chris. The movie ends with the Gordie adult who is writing this book, he writes the sentence “I never had friends on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus does anyone ?\"

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