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Review du film Nomaland

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« Movie Review of Nomadland by Chloé Zhao So first of all, this film is a drama written and realized by Chloé Zhao in 2020. This film have a very significant message of loneliness from people who couldn’t achieve their American dream. The plot of the film is, I think, very interesting because first, we learned that Fern, the main character, after losing everything in the 2008’s economic crisis has embarked on a journey through deep and wild America using his campervan. The main character is, as I said before Fern, but the film has also some very interesting character such as Dave, Swankie or Linda May. Those characters are very interesting because some of them aren’t played by real actors but by people seen by Chloe Zhao as capable of having such a big rôle to play. Moreover, I think that the actors are very good in their different parts, for example when Swankie have to explain to Fern her sickness or when Bob Wells talk about his dead son to Fern. Likewise, camera’s work is also very interesting especially when the camera is fixed, this adds a more impressive touch especially in the scenes where we can see behind a magnificent landscape. This allows us to be immersed in the scene, as if time stood still. The music is also amazing, obviously because it was composed by Ludovic Einaudi, famous composer of film music. It also helps to create a stressfull atmosphere in a lot of different scenes. Finally, I enjoyed a lot this film first because of the beautiful landscapes in the film like in Arizona or in Nevada. It also have beautiful plans with hot colors, in the campervan for example. Moreover, the plot is very interesting, and it shows to the public that there’s still some love and solidarity in minds of the people that suffered from the American Dream. In conclusion, I wanted to add to my review my favorite scene, where Fern and Linda May are both in a golf cart. We see them in front of a beautiful landscape, both happier than ever and we can almost understand that they forgot their conditions of life and that they’re living the moment. »


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