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Fiction ou réalité

Publié le 09/11/2023

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« Oral dev1 anglais Alex Both documents are good examples of the "Fiction and Reality" theme. First I will explain these two concepts.

What is fiction? It is the domain of the imagination.

It’s not true.

it's an illusion. But reality, on the other hand, is in the area of reality.

It’s not imagined.

It exists for real.

It’is the opposite of fiction, the first theme.

They are completely different.

The first document is a tweet of President Donald Trump and the second document, is a cartoon illustrating today's world situation.

We will first study Trump's tweet: " cases up because we test, test.

A fake news media conspiracy".

For the former President of the United States, the tests increase the number of cases, so these are the tests the main problem.


It was published on October twenty-six.

This tweet comes during his election campaign.

He blames the tests, it's their fault.

The more tests, the more cases we will find. they are not fake news.

The number of cases is important because the United States is the country where they test the most. For him, the worsening of the epidemic is a false media conspiracy. He doesn’t consider the increase in hospitalizations and deaths. Of course, this is not true, it’s not the tests that create the cases.

Test or no test, the patients are real.

The epidemic is here.

Tests are used to fight the pandemic. If a person is sick, he or she must isolate himself or herself to avoid transmitting the virus.

They also allow us to find the contacts.

The media is a very easy way to diffuse fake news for anti-vaxers in a time of corona virus.

Donald Trump is known to be anti-vax.

He wants us to believe that coronavirus cases are "on the rise because we are testing so much".

He's wrong.

Covid-19 is very present, with or without tests. It is a fact, it is real.

On the contrary, you need to test to know the areas where there are many cases.

Testing is used to control the virus. So we have a mapping of the epidemic situation. The infected areas are known and we can act.

And so the epidemic is controlled. we will now study the second document, the cartoon.

It's a drawing.

The cartoonist has personified the virus.

This is a medical campaign.On the left it is written « don’t let fake news… » This drawing is educational. it help people to vaccinate themselves. many are suspicious of the internet with fake news.

A lot of information is false or imaginary. It is fiction.

Vaccines work, contagious diseases like measles disappear.

You have to use them.

That's very important.

The number of cases decreases or disappears.

It is also to protect others.

Children must be vaccinated against measles.

We must not wait because we can die from it.

It is a contagious disease.

The author uses a caricature.

It's easy to read and fun.

The pandemic and the infodemic are terrible news. We can see on the drawing that the two characters are feeding on skulls. The result is the same, both kill. People believe fiction more easily than reality.

The message "not my body to defeat me" explains that our immune system is weak.

It cannot defend us against covid because it is very dangerous.

It is also very contagious.

There is no medicine.

It is absolutely necessary to be vaccinated.

That's the only way to be immune. Infodemia is all the information about the virus.

The "infodemic" character says "nobody wants to win". This means that people are not making an effort.

They don't look for solutions. There are false rumors that the state does not want to find a cure.

This is completely false.

It's fake news.

I think that the cartoon answers better to the study because it has more information.

It is visual.

We understand right away.

I am more sensitive to the image with colors.

The two documents are very different. Donald Trump's tweet is serious, he is a former president of the United States. On the other side, we have a drawing, it's more telling.

They both talk about covid.

In document A, the increase in covid is a media conspiracy.

The pandemic character is green.

It is the color of the disease. He is at the table. In front of him, there is an empty plate and an empty glass. The infodemic is standing.

He is holding a plate with a skull. this comic explains the dangers of fake news during the pandemic. Ces deux documents sont de bons exemples du thème "Fiction et réalité". Je vais d'abord expliquer ces deux concepts.

Qu'est-ce que la fiction ? C'est le domaine de l'imagination.

Ce n'est pas vrai, c'est une illusion. La réalité, en revanche, est du domaine du réel.

Elle n'est pas imaginée.

Elle existe.... »


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