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Rédaction d'anglais sur le thème des contes

Publié le 13/05/2024

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« If this story feels weird, rushed and unfinished, it’s normal because it is.

I didn’t have much time last week to finish it (notably because I had to do a remix of a song about maths for the European section, but that’s another long story) so I didn’t even re-read to correct it. The ridiculously hideous child : Once upon a time, in a small village called Beautiful Happy Town, a beautiful and honorable woman and her husband, a strong and rich man, were waiting for their first child.

Every good citizen (called the Beautifully Happy Towners) in their village respected them as they were good to the other inhabitants, which caused them to be elected mayors of the town. When they announced they were waiting for a child, a great party was organized in the whole city, lasting 3 days, and the only thing people talked about was how awesome and smart the kid would be, how strong, rich, good, and respected he would become, the way he would become the next mayor and marry the beautiful princess of the neighboring kingdom, and on and on.

Everybody praised the child before he was even born, hoping he would be the leader who would make their small town into a glorious kingdom people would talk about in the whole world. When the birth of the child became imminent, the Beautifully Happy Towners began bringing presents to the couple, a friend of theirs offered them a pound of gold, to get him started in life, the wizard of the village (called Nestle) gave them a magic white powder you could turn into something which kind of looked like milk™ and the neighboring kingdom’s king offered them a 20 years premium subscription to freely enter the kingdom to ask his daughter in marriage.

The lumberjack, a popular figure in the region, offered them an empty book made out of planks, so that anything he logged in wood be durable and ineffaceable, and the miner, a master of irony whose job truly was boring, offered them a book which explained why you should never take anything for granite. However, there was one person who didn’t like the couple, and this person’s nickname was Ugly Angry Stupid Betty, Ugly Angry Stupid Betty was a young girl who looked as if she was 90, but not only did she look old, she was also terribly ugly.

When she learned about the child, Ugly Angry Stupid Betty knew it was the best occasion she’d ever have and started preparing a plan to get her revenge on the couple.

The reason she wanted revenge was a really old argument, so old in fact that when it took place Betty was still a child, so old that she didn’t look old at all when it happened, so old that it happened 20 years ago.

At the time, the couple was getting married, and for the occasion the whole region was celebrating.

At the beginning of the party, the couple offered to individually bless every single child who was present.

Betty’s mother saw this as the perfect occasion to announce to the other inhabitants that her child was born.

Nobody had seen the infant yet, and she feared the moment when someone would because although it didn’t look old yet, it was already ridiculously hideous.

However, the mother knew that if the couple blessed the kid the other inhabitants of the village would respect her. Consequently, she brought the child to the couple.

When they uncovered the baby’s face, they couldn’t hide their fear, and everyone could see the disgust on their faces.

Seeing the faces of the people looking at him, the kid started crying, and the couple, terrified, threw the child away in the crowd. At first, the crowd thought the couple was crazy, but when they gathered around the small crying thing, they understood what happened and ran away.

The mother took her child home, crying, because the whole town now considered her as responsible for spoiling the party by bringing a ridiculously hideous kid, now nicknamed as Ugly Angry Stupid Betty. 20 years later the events took place, Betty was still looking for revenge for herself and her mother, now deceased of a toe infection after accidentally dipping her toe in the Seine River.

Her plan was complicated but efficient: the first step was to learn magic.

To make her plan come to reality she only had a week, and that’s why she decided to travel around the world to learn magic (she wasn’t called stupid for no reason).

During her travels, she understood lots of magic secrets, such as the reason 1+1 was equal to 2, the way the white powder turned into something which kind of looked like milk™, and the correct name of.... »


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