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the people's party platform

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« intimidation ; bribery” line 10. This sentence enables them to stand as different politics than the others, implying that they won’t bribe, they won’t intimidate, but they will deserve their election. They do compare the political paradigm as a dictatory obedience. They speak of the newspaper being muzzled up, the public opinion would be silenced. The Party’s people, on the contrary, as it says in the name is the “party people”, so it should be a regime that include people, that gives a voice to everybody and is much more democratic than what all the other regimes offer. They also speak about the “colossal fortunes” that “endanger liberty” line 17. They speak of those fortunes as evils that are willingly hurting the less fortunate, yet they do not speak of those who own these fortunes, thus personifying the fortunes. The direct consequence would be the “burdens of people”, which is a term quite vague, since it evokes both an economical burden and a moral, and mental burden. Yet again, the party implies that there won’t be any colossal fortunes that will harm the people. Then, they speak about one key element of their program, an economical argument, which shows that even though they are opposed to massive fortunes, they are not opposed to industry and expansion. Indeed, they argue that the demonetization of silver is leading to “bankrupt enterprise” and enslave industry. According to them, touching to silver and its value will lead to an important economic failure, as much on an individual scale than on a macro-economic scale. Then the text is dwelling on a conspiratorial point: two continents would be wanting to destroy the world. This point is very Orwellian, it seems exaggerated, it even might look sarcastic or ironic, yet ironic or not, it enables them to stand as the heroes who will face evils. They also use the pronoun “they”, it is very vague, but once again it gives a Manichean vision, where the good ones, the people’s party, are ready to save the people and face the demonetization of silver whilst preventing the bad ones to “sacrifice our homes, lives, and children on the altar of mammon; to destroy the »


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