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Publié le 04/05/2013

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Introduction:     This piece of research falls within comparative literature, it epitomize a study of the most important theme of the twentieth century, the relationship between western and non-western societies which highlight the imperial ideology of westerners. For Europeans the African are burden for the white men who come to civilize them. Starting from this idea, many novels and essays shows the differences between colonized and the colonizer such in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (1902) and Albert Camus’s The Strange...

« “The French of Algeria are also natives, in the strong sense of the word.

Moreover, a purely Arab could not achieve that economic independence without which political independence is nothing but an illusion. However inadequate the French effort has been; it is of such proportions that no other country would today agree to take over the responsibility” (Albert Camus, Chroniques Algeriennes, 1958.p26).

   After reading and analyzing Edward Said's Albert Camus, ou l'inconscient colonial, Raymond Williams in his Ours and Not Ours agree with Said's view about Camus as a man who support the idea of reducing other peoples to pagans, barbarians, uncivilized and colonized them to take out their natural resources(Williams, 1984.

P10).. »


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