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La renaissance

Publié le 02/04/2024

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« EA Art Homework During the Renaissance, humanism was characterized by an interest and education in classical texts and the exploration of what it means to be human; how to live a virtuous life; and, how to participate in the society in which they live.

The renaissance humanist movement placed emphasis on the individual human and their moral responsibilities. 1.

Donatello's David reflects Humanism by emphasizing the importance of the individual and human potential, evident in David's confident pose and expression.

Inspired by Greek classical sculpture, the sculpture exhibits idealized proportions and naturalistic details. 2.

Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper embodies Humanism through its focus on human emotions and interactions, depicting the disciples' reactions to Jesus's announcement of betrayal.

The pyramid configuration in the composition directs attention to Jesus at the center, symbolizing his stable power; indeed, all the perspective lines converge on Christ’s head.

da Vinci manages to paint the man and his intentions because every man is very well painted, especially their faces, who transmit emotions, here shock and betrayal, who characterize the intentions of their soul. 3.

Michelangelo's Creation of Adam was created in the Sistine chapel, in the Vatican in Rome.

The conditions were very challenging, for example, the chapel had lots of curved shapes and the roof would leak.

This work reflects Humanism by portraying God and Adam as equals, with Adam reaching out to God in a kind of tragic gesture.

Line plays a crucial role in defining the contours and forms of the figures, conveying movement and energy in the composition. 4.

Michelangelo's David.... »

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