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Myth and heroes

Publié le 27/05/2015

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Myth and Heroes I'm going to present you the notion « Myth and Heroes ». First, to understand the issue of this notion, we should know what a myth is and what a hero is . A myth is a story that may true or may not be. Real or fictional, myth put most often portrays a hero in these adventures. All cultures have myth, and this mythology have been developed over time. Mythology includes the legend of our history, our religions, stories of how the world was created and our heroes. These stories have great symbolic power, and this may be a major reason why they survive as long as they do sometimes for thousand of years. A hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. It can be the main character in a myth, a legend, in a book or a film, or a person with superhuman qualities. It can also be a modern-day hero, a person who has performed a heroic act or simply our own personal hero, our role model, who are look up to. But, do we need heroes today, in modern society? Why do we need to celebrate our heroes? For millenniums we are used to celebrating the glory of the heroes to thank them for their actions. Whether through ceremonies or holiday days, we celebrate the heroes to honor him. This willingness to honor the hero can be shown in the UK by the Legend of St. George, every April 23 is celebrated St George to thank him. This legend is illustrated through a painting entitled "St. George and the Dragon", dated 1868 and was imagined by Edward Burne-Jones. In the legend, St George Lydda, a Christian knight saves the princess of a kingdom, which was randomly selected to serve as a sacrifice to a dragon that is horrifying the area. In the background of the painting, there is a woman who is a potential human sacrifice to calm the dragon. In the foreground, a knight is likely to set her free. That's why he is trying to slay the creature. Today, in addition to thanking heroes, allow commemorations recall the story of a country, a nation, so it is not forgotten and is not lost. In the US, this will to remember history can be illustrated a website article devoted to Martin Luther King entitled "why we honor Dr.Martin Luther King Jr", we understand that paying tribute to Martin Luther King's is important not to forget the past, and evolution of men's rights. The article deals with the evolution of the rights of African-American people through the history of the USA and their "long march to freedom". Everything started when people in the south of the USA needed people to farm their land; they brought people from Africa using the Triangle Trade. At that period, Africans were denied any rights. In 1776, the declaration of independence started "equal opportunities for all". This is the starting point of the "American dream". In the north black people became free but not the same rights as the white population. In the south of US they remain slaves. In 1954 the Supreme Court ruled that they are "separate but equal". M.L King became a civil rights activist early in his career. He has a strong leader ship and was really eloquent. He delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. There, he established his reputation as one of the greatest orators in American history. M.L King Dream has been fulfilled. The third Monday of every January, the Americans celebrate his birthday to thanks him, this is the national day. In parallel to this article, we can study another document whose purpose is to recall the history of a country is a cartoon entitled "Hägar the horrible" created by Chris Browne and published the 11 September 2011, the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. This cartoon pays a tribute to all the people who died whose heroes of this September 11, 2001, as the fire-fighters, the rescuers and the policeman. The cartoonist wants to remind us that hundreds of people were killed or wounded, i.e. they put their lives in jeopardy, and they are also everyday heroes. The cartoon is a conversation between a father and his son, who would like to know the true definition of a hero. The father then mentions three qualities, the loyalty, bravery and the selflessness. This document is interesting because it makes us aware that there are anonymous heroes around us and that we must not forget them. Personally, I think it is important to celebrate the heroes and their actions so that they are remembered and instigate new ones. Today in a modern society, we still need heroes because they are an example, a small action can cause major movements that make a difference. This is why the leader, the heroes, who set the example are necessary, that people who are doing great things, a close we admire, or a fictional hero to whom we want to look like.

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