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notion myth and heroes

Publié le 08/03/2020

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The notion i'm going to deal with is the notion « myth and hero » First of all, I'd like to give a definition of the notion. We can't really define the terms of this notion because they are different for each person. Indeed for each person a hero, an icon can be someone or something depending on his or her belief and what he or she has gone through. So to a person to another it can be totally different. But to give a definition of this term we can say that a hero is someone who carries out a heroic action, who leads an individual or a collective fight for a cause. The hero can either be a man or a woman and can be admired for his or her achievement, exploits and qualities. For this Unit we worked on women's rights, we studied several documents such as the Suffragette movement with the famous character of Emmeline Pankhurst and her speech and we also saw the trailer of the film The Suffragette. After that we worked on gender equality in today's world for that we saw different cartoon, and to finish we studied the Femen who are a group of activist in Europe known as “topless woman” Therefore, we can wonder : From the Suffragette to nowadays feminist has the perception of feminist heroes change with history ? To answer to this question we are going to see firstly how important are the suffragette and their leader Emmeline Pankhurst and how hard was their fight and to finish we are going to see how they helped today feminist and made it easier for them but that this fight is still here. So suffragettes were an important group of women back in the end of the 19th century. Indeed at this time women were dominated, ridiculed, ignored and battered by men and it was considered normal. So a little group of women decided to revolt to have the right of vote and a lot of other women joined them. It was the beginning of a new movement : The Suffragette. These women were very dominated and weren't scared by using violence. They sacrificed a part of their live to obtain the right of vote and to be equal to the men. Because indeed the women were considered inferior to the men and couldn't exercise judgement of political affairs because the majority of the men thought and by the way a lot of them are still thinking that women aren't able to make good decision. At the beginning the movement was pacifist and when the government refused to support, it got violent. Moreover the leader, and the other feminist astonished the politician and the police with several demonstration, various smashing and hunger strikes. So they were arrested. And then the movement took another form and a new slogan was born : Deeds not words. The trailer of the film The Suffragette shows it all. This film came out in 2015 and shows that the fight these women had is not forgotten and if previously they were seen as terrorist or likely now they are clearly considered like examples of bravery and are real Heroes. All the fights they had helped the world to evolve and helped today's women because they have more right. These women are examples nowadays, they showed the way for a lot of women, due to them women have the right of vote which is really good but it's even more than that, this cohesion between women is still here, we talk about Feminism. The feminists believe that men and women must have the same right, which seems logical to me. Because like we saw by the different cartoons there is a lot of inequality between men and women such as the equal payday, the fact of wearing the hijab, the fact that women must stay home or forced marriage. They fight for equality and women rights. So they fight for it, not by using violence like the suffragette but by being doing demonstration. We have the example of this famous group that we've studied in class, which is a little bit different to the other. The FEMEN, this activist group was founded in Ukraine then was spread in France, Germany and they want to get in Britain.They are different from the other group, they protest but by using provocation ( demonstration topless ). But they are bad seen even by the other feminist because if all the feminists have the same fight but they don't have the same idea and the same method of action. So there is a separation within Feminist. To conclude, from the Suffragette to the nowadays feminism, the perception of feminist heroes has changed with history because now many more men are involve in this women fight. A lot of figure helped this evolution in women's right and it's absolutely not finish there is so much more to work on and to improve. The perception of the feminist hero has changed but once again it depend of each point of view previously the Suffragette were considered as terrorist now they are seen as heroes.

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