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2023 Fellowship + GSoC Management

Publié le 20/02/2023

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« 2023 Fellowship + GSoC Management Below is a description of the main roles and the responsibilities for GSoC from 2022.

What overlaps with the Fellowship Program? Which roles and responsibilities might be shared? GSoC Admin Responsibilities Tech Project Leads Co-Lead (primary): Co-Lead: Project Ideas + Proposal Development We want to have a strong set of high value project ideas that we can flesh out and structure in a way that leads to a successful GsoC project experience ● ● ● Reach out to the community to generate project ideas Work with individuals/squads to develop project proposals Provide and maintain an adequate list of project and task ideas on the OpenMRS Wiki Contributor & Mentor Relationship Leads Co-Lead (primary): Co-Lead: Mentor Relationships and Support We want capable mentors who can help develop strong project proposals and guide contributors as they work on their projects. ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Select and invite trusted, capable, and qualified mentors Oversee activity of all mentors and contributors ensuring responsibilities are being met Frame org participation, mentor requirements, failure process, and procedure Communicate mentor expectations before the program starts Communicate contributor selection, continued participation, and dismissal policy ○ Provide selection criteria for slot allocations ○ Describe how Participant Agreement violations and failure will be handled Continuously evaluate mentor interaction with contributors ○ Recognize conflicts of interest, interpersonal issues, and replace as necessary Let mentors know when more project ideas are needed Maintain regular communication with mentors before and during the program Ensure adequate and appropriate mentoring coverage, particularly near holidays Contributor Onboarding, Bonding, and Support We want new contributors to have a.... »


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