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LLCE thème voyage, territoire et fontière

Publié le 03/05/2022

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« Oral LLCE 1.

The word child 2.

Plantu caricature 3.

Nick caricature 4.

On the border 5.

Border control 6.

A night in the park (Moon palace) —> oeuvre intégrale ________________________________________________________________ Axe : Travels, territories, borders We will see thanks to our documents and knowledge that a journey is not only physical, it can also be mental, we can make mental journeys, this is similar for the borders, we can be our own barrier, we x our fence.

And we are going to answer the question which is How can we de ne travel and borders ? I- The word child fi fi fi fi This is the story of a young boy who was quite special, he says one of his earliest memories was of tearing tulips to pieces.

He evolved into bigger acts of destruction, he liked hitting people, breaking things. Once he said he tried to set re to his orphanage, he went before a juvenile court, which sent him to a psychiatrist, this allowed him to discover something in himself that he had never had felt before he said he was saved by 2 people the most important was his wonderful school teacher Mr Osmand whose rst name he does not know.

He was teaching French and very occasionally Latin at the seedy school he was in, he was in that school for a long time but Mr Osmand only became his teacher when he was 14 with his reputation as a thug, until then he had learned almost nothing, he was only able to read, he felt a huge sense of anger and injustice.

He was still smart according to him, but he didn't want to use his intelligence, he could take it but no one wanted to teach him things, until Mr Osmand looked at him quietly with his gray eyes, he had given him all his attention.

He wonders why people like him don't have more recognition in society because they save people, Suddenly his spirit woke up, streams of light came into him, he started to learn, he started to to excel, he learned French, Latin and Mr Osmand promised him Greek.

He was not a child of love… but a word child.. »


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