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anglais The importance of identity in contemporary society ?

Publié le 08/02/2024

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« The importance of identity in contemporary society ? I.

Identity, a means of existing in society a ) Which box do we fit into? Intersectionality, conformism b ) an identity in constant evolution - primary/secondary socialisation II.

Identities that evolve in tandem with societal problems a ) societal events favour the affirmation of identities (racism/ LGBTQ+/ sexism) II.

identities evolving in tandem with societal problems a ) societal events favour the affirmation of identities ( racism/ LGBTQ+ ) Since 2001, political and non-political events have led public opinion to assert itself. Politics is a lever for strengthening identity.

Every change or setback in vital rights polarises the debate and helps to assert identities that are usually in the background. One example is the LGBTQ+ community, which has been proudly asserting its identity for over 30 years.

This pride has gone hand in hand with changes in the law: the adoption of an individual LGBTQ+ person has been possible by law since 2008, and by a couple since 2013.

Blood donation by a member of the LGBTQ+ community became possible in 2016, subject to a period of abstinence.

This constraint will be removed in 2022.

Since November 2016, gender identity has been one of the grounds for discrimination recognised by French law, and the procedure for changing civil status no longer necessarily (since 2016) involves surgery.

These developments have opened up the minds of civil society and legitimised their place in society.

This pride in belonging to a group is part of their identity, as demonstrated by their participation in Gay Pride and Pride Month. These claims were taken so seriously that in 2004 the High Authority to Combat Discrimination and Promote Equality (HALDE) was created, which included a law stating that homophobia was one of the grounds for discrimination and penalising public statements inciting hatred, defamatory or insulting on the grounds of sexual orientation. Associations such as Inter -LGBTQ+ help people in difficulty to realise projects such as medically assisted procreation, or to allow same-sex couples throughout Europe the right to move and settle freely.

Associations such as these exist because there is still a long way to go, despite the many advances that have been made.

For the past 10 years, the transgender and non-binary community has been seeking recognition, in response to an increase in the number of transgender people all over the world.

Social networks are helping to expose certain communities.

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, LGBTQ+ associations, some sporting and some not, have a presence on social.... »


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