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How does social media impact our body image ?

Publié le 30/05/2024

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« How social media impact our body image? People have a tendency to share every moment of their happiness, their success, and their material perfection in social media.

Actually , in the digital age, social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, as it is easily accessible , shaping how we perceive ourselves and others.

While it offers connectivity and a platform for self-expression, its influence on body image has sparked widespread debate and concern.

Social media is also a good way to socialize with others, to become more connected. We can wonder how we can navigate the influence of social media on body image to foster healthier attitudes and perceptions? This synthesis will explore the nuanced impact of social media on body image perception , examining both its negative image , as outlined in the following presentation. I’ve chosen six documents to analyse this issue . Doc 1 is an APA study examines the impact of reducing social media use on body image in adolescents and young adults Document 2 is an article from HCF Health Agenda Website .

It explores the relationship between body image and health Document 3 is an image from the magazine “Closer” .

It represents a group of women confidently parading down the street in their underwear, holding placards advocating for the “body positivity” movement . Document 4 is a website article from “Flick Social” which offers Instagram captions focused on body positivity, showing the importance of using messages to promote self love and acceptance Document 5 is an article from The New York Times .

It presents students perspectives on how social media impacts their self esteem and body image and the struggles forced by both genders Document 6 is a bar graph from “Today” which analyses the factors influencing body image perception , highlighting the significant role of social media among women and men Firstly , social media detrimentally affect self-esteem and body perception . Indeed , the increasing prevalence of social media in today’s society profoundly influence how individuals perceive their body image , often fostering unrealistic beauty ideals and promoting comparisons among users . In document 1, the findings of the study reveal that reducing social media use on smartphones can significantly enhance self esteem among emotionally distressed youth .

Actually, a randomized controlled trial involving 220 participants aged 17-25 found that limiting social media use to 1h por day resulted in significant improvement in both appearance and weight esteem , while the control group didi not exhibit significant changes .

These findings suggest that reducing SMU on smartphones may effectively enhance body image among vulnerable youth populations .

Furthermore , document 5 ,some respondents expressed that social media negatively impact their perception of their appearance.

However , others mentioned that social media can sometimes have a positive influence on their health, motivations them to accept their bodies.

The excerpts also highlight gender disparities about body image with females often receiving more attention than males .

On top of that , societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards on social media exacerbate negative body image perception , as illustrated by document 2 which explores the concept of body image , emphasizing its influence on individuals feeling and interactions with the world .

A positive body image is associated with better mental and physical health while a negative body image can lead to issues such.... »


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