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new york influence

Publié le 09/06/2024

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« The influence of nyc Introduction : Let’s me introduce you to New York city ! New York is a huge metropolis located in the united state, more specifically on the east coast.

When i was a child i always wanted to go to new york, it’s my favorite city even if i never been in.

By doing searches for this topic, I understood why I used have this attraction for this amazing city. Before I start let’s remember a few things about new york. New York is made up of 5 majors districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Queens, Staten island , and the Bronx.

They all are islands surrounded by the Hudson river. This city has 8,4 millions of inhabitants, it’s very cosmopolitan. To know a little of the history of new york, you can remember that, it’s was first occuped by natives, then Dutch arrived and named the city “the new amsterdam”, then again english occupied new york in 1664 and named it “New York”.

It became american with the independence in 1783. Let’s start with the economic influence that ny have. Development : 1-economic influence We are going to see that new york has one of the biggest economic influence in the world. It’s firstly, the biggest financial power, with the biggest stockexchanges over the world like Wall Street or the NASDAQ the 3rd stockexchange of the world.

They both represent 45 % of the global market capitalization.

As we can see ny is the heart of the financial stoexchange of the world, if a problem happen to it it will have impact all over the world. We can name the example of the Wall Street Crash in 1929, the global economy was down for weeks, then an economic and social crisis happen all over the united states, “the great depression”. NY is on the second position for the financial flux, it have a 587 billions of dollars of GPD by sttate, it’s bigger than some country like Belgium.

That’s the second city in the world that create the most of wealth.

It’s also the economic capital of the united state.

It hhave very important functions of diplomacy, but don’t have command functions.

We can found a lot of UNO headquarters that makes the metropolis very important in the international plan, it also bring a lot of tourism around 56.4 millions in 2022. NY has always been a manufacturing city, with an important sector in the textile industry which is very developed due to fashion, but also the industrially of food or jewellery. An important aspect of new york’s economic power is immigration and diversity, we can see a lot of ethical district in ny, we can name ChinaTown, or Little Italy that live in synergy and attract tourism.

The city’s 36% immigrant.... »


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