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Geography essay: Why are some countries more developed than others ?

Publié le 21/02/2011

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Development is about improving people's lives and raising the economy in a sustainable way. Development is measured by using indicators, they are are not the same as wealth because a lot of countries will depend on it. First of all, there are Social indicators which can be splat into population and health. The population indicators englobe the birth rate, the death rate and the natural increase of a population. The Health indicators encounter the infant mortality, the life expectancy, the people per doctor and the percentage of adults with HIV/AIDS in a country. Further more, the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) per capita is an indicator which is the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year and is measured dollars. The other indicators of development are the percentage of adult literacy, in farming, and of urban population in a country. The United Nations measures the quality of life by producing the HDI ( Human Development Index) by combining life expectancy, the adult literacy rate in relation with the number of years spent at school and the standard of living measured by the GDP per capita.   

« money just to pay off their debts, they are not able to constructs as many schools, hospitals, water supplies orwhat people people urgently need.LEDC's are generally situated where the environmental conditions are at of the Earth's extreme climates (e.g:equator very humid tornadoes, deserts famine and dry soil). The lack of money and technology enables them tocope with hazard such as hurricanes, such as the one that occurred in Haiti, and cause billions of dollars of damage.Countries struggles to cope with helping the survivors of such catastrophes without major international support.When a country needs goods or services that it either doesn't have enough of or needs it more cheaply, it usesTrade by importing. When it needs to earn money or when it has to much of a product, it exports t's goods.Developing countries use Trade to reduce poverty and grow their economy.What they are looking for is a Tradesurplus, meaning that the country gets richer and the population gets a better standard of life. How ever, LEDC'susually have Trade deficit, meaning that the country stays poor and get's into debts in the way that people'squality of life doesn't improve. But why is that so? Trading blocs such as the EU or the NAFTA have been made toprotect the countries's own jobs and industries by fixing tariffs and quotas, there fore imported goods are moreexpensive and their amount is limited. These goods have a restricted amount for importation in trading blocs so theywork against LEDC's favor. Because of these regrouped countries, the world trade isn't shared evenly anddeveloping countries own less than a quarter of it, the gap between the rich North and the poor South is increasing.In the intention to develop LEDC's economies and services, MEDC's like USA and Japan send aid to help a country onemergencies (e.g. after an earthquake) or on long term ( e.g. Help people to help themselves). Even though theseaids can be vital in some situations, it also causes difficulties for the helped countries; they are given money forspecific projects that might not benefit poor people and the goods produced in the country have to be send toMEDC's. In the long term effect of aid, the LEDC's cannot detach themselves from the tutelage of developedcountries and often cannot repay the money, get into debt and rely even more on the donor. For a balanced economy and an equal quality of life in every country, Fair trade should be completely applicatedand LEDC's should be treated as if they where MEDC's, meaning that small producers in undeveloped countriesshould be payed the same as in richer countries. In addition to that, LEDC's should less depend on MEDC's help.Inthis definite purpose, trade blocs should be deleted in the way that the world would become one big faire tradebloc. »


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