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« L’Apport des Organisations Humanitaires Internationales aux Pays à faibles revenus: Le Cas de Médecins Sans Frontières-Belgique en République de Guinée de 1984 à 2010».

Publié le 13/11/2014

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The ECOWAS Reforms: confronting peace building and development 

Description of the problem 

The ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States ) Region remained 

fragmented geographically, economically, socially and many regions are plagued by 

conflicts, insecurity. 

Liberia and Sierra Leone have experienced particularly bloody war in 1990’s. 

Guinea Bissau has experienced instability and these countries like Mali, Ivory Coast, 

Togo, and Nigeria, Guinea are still experiencing conflicts and social crisis. 


« prevention, reconstruction and stabilization operations, peacekeeping, and conflict recovery and add to that, the observation and surve y on the field, the use internet are going to be another source of information.

So, this research method will allow us to structure our thesis in chapters focused on the issues as follow: 1- GENERAL PRESENTATION OF POST INDEPENDENT WEST AFRIC A This chapter will expose the Geographical, Economic al and Social appearance of ECOWAS Region.

2- ASSESSMENT OF THE VARIOUS INTERVENTIONS OF INTERNATIONAL AND HUMANITARIAN ORGANISATIONS FOR PEACE, AND DEVELOPPEMENT IN WEST AFRICA The chapter is devoted to assess the different assi stances at all levels from West Africa’s friends and partners for peace keeping and development.

It will assess the progress made so fare in solving the issues of Conflict, War, Violence, Security, Health, Climate Change and Sust ainable Development and further explain the difficulties and challenges faced by it s partners in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

3- NEW CHALLENGES AND PERSPECTIVES Chapter 3, based on the appreciation made, will dev elop, reformulate the new Perspectives, Public Policies, Programs, Projects a nd new Strategies to address the real problems of Peace Building and Sustainable Developm ent in the Sub Saharan Region with a general conclusion.

(Personal Statement ) I am convinced that such a program will help me to achieve my ambitious professional targets.

I plan to work in a nongovernmental or int ernational organization which will focus on the areas of Interstate peace and Democrat ic living, Human right and conflict prevention, peace processes Civil Society and Pea ce building, Sustainable Development in West Africa.

With a solid foundation in academic theory on Devel opment and International Cooperation gained through the SAHARAN CROSSROADS F ELLOWSHIPS 2014 , I am confident that I will have the skills, knowled ge and contacts which will enable me to manifest advanced expertise in the management of West African’s challenges. »


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