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Anglais - discours oral sur les nouvelles technologies

Publié le 27/01/2014

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Today we live in the era of new technologies and innovations. Computers, mobile phones, ipads... Our community have changed and become some kind of a hostage of these devices. Do new technologies make communications more perfect?   It is a very controversial question. Actually, we can find a lot of positive sides of new technologies, especially of the internet. For example: it became easier to work at home, to buy or to sell something, to find needed information, to entertain yours...

«   The character of XXI century is witnessing the huge progress of communication and visual technoligies.

All we do, we do with the help of the internet.This period of time is very remarkabke in the histoiry.

To conclude, i would say that every progress has a paticular impact on the society.  To some extend, these hi-techs makes communication easier,faster and more confortable, but since we have this new advantage, we are slowly loosing another.. »


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