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?Pour le repas ? CC= Christopher Columbus I?m going to talk about the notion of myths and heroes. And as exemple we will take CRistopher Columbus First of all, I?m going to give a definition about this notion. A myth is a symbolic and fabled story from a community, a social practice generally orally given which proposes an explanation on the foundations of a world, of a society. It is also a cultural identity in which a society recognizes itself. Therefore, it answers questions and allows a society to feel at peace with itself. A hero transmits the myth through their acts or speeches. They can be real or completely fictional.  Christpher Columbus an Italian navigator was the first men to discover in 1492 the new world also knowed as America. He became a national hero in the united states for sailing the ocean blue, an national day was atribuated to his person its called Christophe...

« time more than 3 hundred thousand of Dead that represented 90 porcent of the population back then . He also forced christianity in the Bahamas a s governor We also know that Christopher Columbus nerver set a foot on the teritory thats now called the united states so he only discovered the iland of Hispaniola. And above everything Vikings from the XVII century discovered america first, the viking who did that trip is called leif heriksson and has also an non official day in the US With thèse facts we see that the myth. And the historical reality aren’t the same Thats why Christopher Columbus becomes more and more controversial he can’t really be considered as a héro anymore because a héro is someone who is a gréât person and thats the total opposite of Christopher Columbus Now lets talk about CC Day CC day is us fédéral holliday thats honors CC arrival It was first celebrated in NY city in 1792 for the 300 anivesary back the nit was celebrated mostly by chatolics an italian american pop 100 years later B hérisson pushed his fellow american to commemorate CC day to shw their patriotism it was made a national holliday by franklin delano Roosevelt in 1937 Columbus day is celebrated with Streets fair and parade. States were cc day is a fédéral holliday fédéral agency shcool and bank are closed But some state resist an celebrebrate Native people day instead like Alaska and south dakota. Thèse states pay tribute to the natives instead of Columbus day by doing native american festivities an rituals With these two exeples you can see that CC Day is creating a big crontreversy in the Us. This controversy comes from a myth. Destroyed by historical fact that make peoples angry and push them to celebrate indigenous people day instead of CC day I think that americans should celebrate indigenous people day because what CC did can’t be celebratedet as an national day or héro. That means that youre are celberating the arrival of someone who only did horos tho natives people. »


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