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Matrix review anglais

Publié le 06/01/2023

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« THE MATRIX 1999 MOVIE REVIEW In 1999, the Wachowski siblings released a strange mix of special FX, philosophy, martial art combat, and mind-bending plotlines in a science-fiction action movie.

The Matrix became a phenomenon ripe with possibility.

Overall, it led to a franchise that remains entertaining (= captivating) but underwhelming (= disappointing), if only because this first film in the trilogy sets the bar very high. Warning; spoilers ahead.

The plot involves Neo/Keanu Reeves, a mild-mannered software author by day, a feared hacker by night.

He's recruited by cyber rebels, led by the ironically-named Morpheus/Laurence Fishburne and the leather-clad warrior Trinity.

They've made a fundamental discovery about the world: it doesn't exist.

It's actually a form of Virtual Reality, designed to lull (=put s.o to sleep) us into lives of blind obedience to the "system." We obediently go to our crummy jobs every day, little realizing, as Morpheus tells Neo, that "Matrix is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes--that you are a slave." The rebels want to crack the framework that holds the Matrix in place, and free, wake mankind up.

Like a contemporary Alice in a computerized, gothic Wonderland, Neo wanders down the rabbit hole to see how far it goes. In terms of action, The Matrix never fails to entertain or inspire awe (=admiration and wonder), from the post-apocalyptic future world to the eye-popping, breath-taking FX-enhanced fight sequences.

And it has performances that find the right notes.

Keanu Reeves goes for the impassive Harrison Ford approach, "acting" as little as possible.

I suppose that's the right idea. Laurence Fishburne finds a balance between action hero and Zen master.

Carrie-Anne Moss, as Trinity, has a sensational title sequence, before the movie recalls that she's a woman and puts her back into support mode.

Another lingering quibble (=small objection) for me remains the underdeveloped love story between Neo and Trinity.

The Wachowskis do.... »

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