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Publié le 30/03/2015

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French government has legalized in may 2013 gay marriage. As you know there is some opponents to this law, in particular Catholics people. They fight for the « perfect family » with a father (assonance), a mother and a child. They can not conceive a life with 2 fathers or 2 mothers. They've shown several demonstrations against this law. The anti-gay marriage lobby, by the Catholic Church and conservative opposition argues this law has destructed an essential block of the family How many people are against gay wedding in France ? 45 % ! (BBC) I think it's too much Do you think it's normal ? (rhetorical questions) Do you think it's normal that in Saudia people die because they're gay ? I don't think so Do you think it's normal that in Irak there still homophobic violence ? I don't think so Do you think it's normal that there is still 78 countries where homosexuality is illegal ? I don't think so either ! (Repetition) I don't think it's normal that people still suffering from discrimination, 50 years ago we were fighting against racism, 50 years later we are still fighting for equal rights with homosexuality !(Metonymy) In 1789 the declaration of the citizens and human rights says that we are born equal in right so I think that somebody is free to love anybody else whatever if it's a boy or a girl. Moreover only 14 countries in the world has legalized gay union on 210 countries ! Are people afraid by homosexuality ? It's like they see that like a disease (Similes)

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