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Pollution anglais

Publié le 10/03/2022

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« GREEN-EARTH Project to combat pollution and protect the environment What is pollution and what impact it has on our planet ? Pollution is the degadation of an ecosystem. Pollution is most often created by humans with chemicals in the air. Because the human pollute, the earth is in danger, and our future too, we must stop it. together, we can change the future and help nature ! What causes pollution and environmental damage? The main sources of environmental pollution are, in the first place, the production and use of the various energy sources, followed by industrial activities and, paradoxically but nevertheless Man is responsible for many floor contamination by the use of pesticides and herbicides in agriculture. Many industries also do not respect the environment by dumping toxic waste into the environment. We also note the numerous cataclysms caused by nuclear accidents and oil spills in many areas. significantly, agriculture. What are the consequences of pollution on the environment and our health? -First, global warming is one of the most important consequences of environmentalle degradation. It cause global temperature rise and climate change worldwide. The melting of glaciers, the desertification of certain areas and the disappearance of certain species are the result of this change. -Due to poor air quality, new respiratory infections are emerging. Pneumonia, respiratory syndromes and lung cancer are the consequences of air pollution. -Many species are disapear both on land and in the sea because of the climate change caused by pollution. Pollution is more and more present and could also cause human diseapiration in a few years »


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