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Exposé sur l'alcool

Publié le 13/05/2022

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Introduction I. The causes of alcohol: 1. The influences of friends 2. Stress II. The Consequences of alcohol: 1. On the heart 2. On the brain 3. On the liver 4. On the immune system III. Short-termeffects of alcohol IV. Long termeffects of alcohol V. Proposal solutions Conclusion 7 Introduction: This presentation will explain the dangers of alcohol in the functioning of the body. How does alcohol affect the body and what are the causes and consequences? Alcohol is a basic chemical substance contained in all alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is obtained by the fermentation of fruits, vegetables or cereals (rich in sugar) or by distillation. Fermented drinks (wine, beer, cider) contain a maximum of 15% pure alcohol, while distilled drinks (spirits, aperitifs, brandies) can contain up to 45%. Alcohol passes in a few minutes in the blood, before being conveyed in all the organs, including the brain and the liver. Its duration of elimination is independent of the physical activity provided, or of the temperature, or of the habit of drinking. These alcoholic drinks seem to have unfortunate consequences in the life of the man who seems to ignore them for one reason or another. I-The causes of alcohol: Alcoholism or “alcohol use disorder” is a medical condition. Although the exact cause of alcoholism is unknown, studies have shown that there is increasing evidence that the predisposition to this disease can be hereditary and that the risks of being affected increase significantly in families. whose members (including parents and siblings) are dependent on alcohol. Other risk factors include a psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia, depression, or anxiety disorders. Poverty, social isolation and shyness can also be risk factors. Also, how a person's body processes alcohol can affect the risk of alcohol dependence. Research has shown that people who need relatively more alcohol to get an effect are more likely to suffer from alcohol dependence.

« Lycée Saraounia Mangou GROUPE N*4 : Exposed Of English : Theme: Drinking CLASSE : 1éreD2 Grade Observation The members of group : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Alassane Haroun Fayҫal Mounbarak Aboubacar Nakoné Djibril Sanda Їsmael Chaibou Djibo Boureima Garba Sabo Ridouane Garba Chacala Ibrahim Zoumbey Chekaraou Inoussa 7. »


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