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devoir 2 anglais bts tourisme

Publié le 25/04/2016

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Nom du professeur correcteur : Note : Observations générales : Rédigez votre texte : Part 1: message The caller’s name is Nicolas Smith Her address mail is [email protected] She wants some information by email for the group who wants to reserve the chalet. There are seven people, they want to stay in the same chalet near the coast but not in the côte d’azur , they are particularly interest about motorsports, it’s a quite group, and they want to know about the night life of the village. The information requested on the return , are the exactly locality of the chalet, a description of the local region, a description of the chalet and of the village’s facilities, a list of sports activities available in the village and immediately locality , a rough price guide and if there any sort of life night in the village Part 2 : Holiday village I have to take in consideration the size of the chalet, which means the number of the people it, can receive and for the location I need to be careful because the group wants to be near the coat but not in the côte d’azur. I chose the holiday village of Larniac for two reasons, one the village is only at five minutes’ walk away from north Breton coast line and secondly the chalet is capable of accommodating up to eight people. Part 3: The e-mail Dear Nicolas, I received your call, I found the perfect place for the group it’s the holiday village of Larniac. The village is near the port of Saint-Pol-de-Léon in Brittany and is only has five minutes walk away from north Breton coast line. The chalet is in a wooded park, nearby a lake. The chalet has a living room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms (double bed, two individuals and superimposed beds), a bathroom with independent toilet and an equipped terrace. The village has two restaurants, a self-service restaurant and a bar at eleven the bar becomes a discotheque; in the village we find also a gym club and a warm swimming pool. For the sports in the village we find a bike hire and a tennis club and near the village we find windsurfing, sail, fishing, archery and horse riding. And finally for the price is depend the season during the peak season is 142 € for a night and in the off season it’s between 78 € to 65 € for a night , the price here is without the charges ( deposit 200€, tourist tax 1€/person for a night …). Here we are, you have all the information that you need for the group. I hope, we will have the opportunity to work together again. Sincerely Chloé Franza

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