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The Saponification

Publié le 15/10/2016

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Physique DNL Subject: Explain why we have bubbles in soapy water. //Introduction Bubbles are everywhere in our daily lives. They appear when we wash our hands, cars, when children wave their “bubble wands”, and so on. Many of us see them every day, but do not know how they are created. So we will explain how they are created, but first, we have to define the term bubble. //What is a bubble A bubble is a small spherical object that can float in the air for a while until it pops. Inside of it is air, making it transparent. Although it may be composed of other sub...

« // III.)The energy needed With the surface tension decreased, the soapy water needs some energy to form bubbles.

This energy comes from us blowing, waving, or even when the tap is flowing.

This puts air into the bubble and the bubble is created.

The bubble is mostly spherical because it is the shape that consumes the less energy.

Plus it needs less air than a cube or a pyramid. Bubbles are generally small because it takes less energy and less molecules to be created than a big one.

So it may last longer than the others.

Bubbles pop when all the water has been evaporated.

The longest lasting bubble lasted 341 days, but precautions have been applied to do that like protect the water from the bubble evaporating. // Conclusion So there we have it, bubbles are made with soapy water because soap decreases surface tension in water.

The less surface tension we have, the more likely we get a bubble.. »


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